Company Philosophy

At EpiOn IT, our clients are small to mid-sized enterprises who make things, fix things, sell things, educate, govern, care for people, save souls, and serve others to better their communities.  Therefore, our mission centers around helping good people be more productive in their accomplishment of great things that make the world a better place to live.  Our purpose:

"We Empower people to achieve more through technology." 


We do that through the delivery of hyper-responsive support and extremely reliable solutions. Our bedrock values are: 

Engender Trust

People never need to question our integrity because we always want to do what is right.

Exude Credibility

We invest in continual education and innovation and engage with others in a way that inspires confidence.

Effectuate Reliability

We deliver dependable solutions and we execute on time, every time - better than expected.

Encourage Relationships

We act and make decisions based on the long term and enjoy serving others with a friendly can-do attitude.