Managed LAN

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Living in a connected world means you can’t leave your network on auto-pilot any longer. The opportunity of the Cloud also brings new risks and performance requirements. Hybrid networks that combine the local network with cloud resources are the new normal. Speed and security matter more than ever and it takes active management to achieve the best results. Managed LAN is a suite of network management services that work together to maximize your performance and security.

Protect Your Local Network (LAN)

Controlling LAN access is the first step in effective network performance anc security.

Only approved devices should have access to the most trusted part of your LAN. Our Managed Switch and Wi-Fi solutions control physical access by dividing the network into “trusted” and “untrusted” segments.

Known devices connect on the trusted side where they receive the best performance. Unknown devices are either denied access or are routed to a guest network with less resources. With either solution, we provide the hardware, monitoring and ongoing management to maintain the approved device list.

Optimize Your Internet Connection

The Internet is now mission critical and needs to be properly managed and secured.

When you move to the Cloud, you become dependent on your Internet connection. That bandwidth must be monitored, “shaped” and prioritized so that something like a YouTube video doesn’t interfere with your important work. You also need continuous protection against an ever growing population of potential intruders.

Our Managed Firewall improves your security and Internet performance with active monitoring and policy management. We include the hardware, maintenance, monitoring, and response to security and device events.

Bridge Your LAN to the Cloud

Establish a secure, managed connection between your LAN and the Cloud to create one unified network.

Our Site-to-Site VPN service creates a secure, encrypted bridge between your firewall and the Cloud. This makes your Cloud Server, Storage and WorkSpace solutions accessible to anyone on your local network just like any other network service.

Connect From Anywhere

Looking for better work/life balance? Access your network from anywhere at any time.

A user-based SSL VPN connection bridges your device to your internal network from anywhere in the world. In order to ensure the further success of your business, we recommend that you reach out to EpiOn IT for a network consultation. For more information about our Managed LAN solution, call us at (931) 526-3742.