Total Care

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Fixed-rate IT Support to supplement or replace your current IT team for a fraction of the cost of in-house support.

We Mean Total

A unified support solution for your users, applications and devices in the cloud or wherever they may be.

The shift to the cloud means that your IT support needs will change. With less time and attention needed for your hardware, greater focus can be given to empowering your end users and helping them get the most out of your investment.

Total Care is a strategic IT support relationship that supplements or replaces your existing IT support model. Think of us as your one-stop IT support team for issues that arise in the cloud, in your office or even with your line of business applications or other third-party technology vendors.

Going well beyond EpiOn’s standard preventative maintenance service (called Proactive Prevent), Total Care includes an end user help desk along with enhanced monitoring, preventative maintenance and escalated response to server and local device issues. We even monitor, manage and maintain your local network, PC’s, and mobile devices to ensure optimum security and performance. That translates to fewer issues and faster response so that your team can spend more time focusing on your core objectives.

Unlimited Support. Predictable Budget.

It’s like having an entire IT department of salaried staff but at a fraction of the cost.

So, what do we mean by “unlimited support”? Just that. Total Care is a fixed fee, per user support plan that can be bundled with your Cloud WorkSpace to cover your routine IT support, repair and maintenance needs. Users can call our US-based team whenever they need help and speak with a live person in seconds.

While we aim to resolve the overwhelming majority of support requests remotely, sometimes you just need someone to come onsite and resolve the issue. Using our nation-wide service network, Total Care includes onsite support for no additional charge. In the cloud, in your office, or anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Unleash Your Team

Increased employee productivity and a greater return on your existing IT investment.

In an IT-driven world, downtime often translates into lost productivity, lost revenue and increased costs. The Total Care help desk answers your users’ questions and quickly resolves issues to get them back to work. And don’t worry about a loss of control, with Total Care you are always in the loop through ticket alerts and our support management portal.

Ultimately, our expertise is in the management of your IT infrastructure and supporting your daily end user needs. If you have an in-house IT staff, refocus them on your more strategic issues like: IT-enabling your operations to improve productivity; getting more out of your software; and developing analytics to take your business to the next level.

Stop wasting time waiting for support or getting bounced around between multiple vendors all pointing the finger at each other.  With EpiOn IT we give you a Total solution.